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foo_playlistfind and foo_wsgui


I've just updated the foo_wsgui to 0.29 (It's GREAT) and installed the new foo_playlistfind.
What's the problem:
When I run the foo_playlistfind the small window appear (mini window looks great) I type the title. Pressing enter (or shift+enter) everything is ok. It move to next/previous song with that tilte.But when I press up/down arrow it just skip some songs (for example: from the first to third with that name)....
When I want to play selected song I have to press ctrl+enter and then esc to close playlistfind window (or set the key in confiduration)

If I use the playlistfind feature in foo_wsgui:
I type the title, with arrows I move to next previous song with that title(without skipping any track) . To play I just press the enter and the playlistfind closes.
And that's the way I like!

How to make normal foo_playlistfind to work just like the playlistfind feature in foo_wsgui?


foo_playlistfind and foo_wsgui

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I'm using the playlist find service exposed by Curi0us_George's foo_playlistfind.dll  As such, I was free to utilize his core search but implement my own search behavior. 

As you have correctly discovered I didn't do the same search behavior as the C_G did for his playlist find window that is part of his component.

As far as I know there isn't a way to change the search behavior of the default playlistfind window to match what I did nor can you make foo_wsgui match the foo_playlistfind behavior.


foo_playlistfind and foo_wsgui

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Shift+Esc will play when closing.  Not really sure what you mean about skipping songs when you press arrow keys.

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