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.cue + .flac

I have being ripping things to a .flac and a corresponding .cue recently, Its sweet as.

Now, the only prob is having 2 files to move around rather then one. And having to edit the .cue file if I rename them etc..

Also, dropping the whole folder in means that it adds the .flac file and all the entries from the cue sheet, doubling the play time and leading to cofusion of me.

The Flac encoder manual mentions embedding a .cue sheet into the .flac and that it will create seek points for these places and all sorts of loverly things that sound like they would make my life easy.

Will foobar use the embedded cuesheets? how are other people handling wanting to keep a lossless image of the cd and play it? this seems like the ideal way, if I can embed a cuesheet too, then it will be doubly easy.

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