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6-bit PCM sample

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Noise shaping would probably help a lot.

6-bit PCM sample

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True, and amplifiyng the sample to peak at 0 db would also help. Loud samples like the next examples sound quite ok with 6-bit. I just uploaded this sample to dispel any notion that MP3s have a 25 dB dynamic range (actually it has around 125 dB);f=1&t=6377 .

I don't know how to do noise shaping or dithering with 6 bits as the bitcrusher I use does not have that (which is understandable as the very reason for a bitcrusher is to color/distort the sound).

EDIT - Actually not even 6-bit PCM has just 25 dB of dynamic range/signal to noise ratio. It is cca 36 dB for 6-bits.

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