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External DSD decoding not working

I downloaded and installed the two components it contained

I am running windows 10-64 bit and have an external Exasound E.32 DAC connected via USB to the computer. I can play DSD files no problem in PCM mode but no matter what I do I cannot get the DSD stream sent to the DAC. Its strange because I can hear some hiss and very faintly I can hear the music. I have tried virtually all the settings restarting in between but whenever I set output to DSD or DSD+PCM I get the problem. I am also running the latest Exasound ASIO drivers.  Attached is a screenshot of the setup in foobar. Any help is greatly appreciated. One more thing the display on the exasound says that it is a PCM stream at 176.4 Khz when I switch to DSD output and for the straight PCM itis the correct  44.1 Khz

Re: External DSD decoding not working

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Did you change your output? You need to use ASIO or WASAPI exclusive with DSD.

Re: External DSD decoding not working

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Yes. I am using the ASIO drivers that came with the Exasound DAC and they are supposed to work with this setup.


Solved External DSD decoding not working

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I resolved the problem finally. When I went to play Flac I got the error message. I had reinstalled the ASIO drivers a couple of times but I finally decided that first I would get foobar working with just a  normal SPDIF output which worked fine and I could play Flac no problem. Then I reinstalled the drivers and changed the settings back to the DSD settings  I was using and it worked! Somehow  it looks like the driver config was all messed up. It now works great and I can see in the display it is decoding DSDS at 2.82 Mhz.

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