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Topic: (TOS #8) [BUG] Kernel Streaming Output is not bitperfect (Read 1016 times) previous topic - next topic
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(TOS #8) [BUG] Kernel Streaming Output is not bitperfect

Hardware: E-mu 0404 PCI with driver kX Project 3550
Software: WinXPSP2, fb2k 1.1.11/1.0.3 - foo_out_ks 1.2.2, APlayer 2.8 - out_ks363, Steinberg Wavlab 6.1.

Test way:

Played in player WAV-file (16bit/44.1kHz) recording Wavlab, and then compare with source WAV-file.

Signal way: Player -> kernel streaming plugin (16bit, no dither) -> kX Project driver -> ASIO Out -> Wavlab -> wav-file

Results for track duration 5min 49sec:
For APlayer: 0 differences
For fb2k: 15.345.793 differences

For several tested files the received results were similar

Sound fb2k 1.1.11 and 1.0.3 with kernel streaming output are different. Sound both versions fb2k good, but... is not perfect. Bitperfect sound APlayer are more cleared, has more space and more exact localization of musical instruments.

(TOS #8) [BUG] Kernel Streaming Output is not bitperfect

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[SOLVED] After change lenght of buffer from 1000 ms to 400 ms bit-perfect sound restored.  I assume that it depends on the sound card and the driver for it.

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