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editing a post...


when editing a posting..

as far i can see..
there ain`t a "delete" checkbox..

can we please have one...

editing a post...

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The current reasoning for this is that it interrupts the flow of discussion and encourages people to make more trivial posts since they can easily be deleted if the user doesn't like the response they get.

I don't really see why there is a need to delete posts if you use a little bit of forethought as to what you're about to post.  Mailing lists, for example, don't usually allow this sort of thing, and they work out fine, so I don't see why we need this type of thing here.

editing a post...

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If you need to delete a post if you hit twice the submit button, for example, send a PM to a moderator.

editing a post...

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I always delete empty posts so if you want your post removed you probably just need to leave it empty and/or PM a moderator.

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