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ADTS AAC -> RTP payload


I have an ADTS AAC stream and I want to packetize it into RTP,
but I don't know a structure of payload (payload-type = 96) for AAC (I want to packetize it into RTP to play via RTSP client,
which supports only "AAC-hbr" mode).

RFC-3640 tells that the structure of RTP (for AAC-hbr) MUST contain RTP-header (12 bytes),
AU-header (2 bytes: 13 bits = length of frame, 3 bits = AU-Index(-delta)) preceeded by AU-header-length (2 bytes),
and RTP payload (data section).

I used AAC frame without ADTS-header (skipping 7 (in case of protection is absent) or 9 (in other case) bytes of header) as payload,
but player didn't play it.

And my question: How to pack AAC-frame from ADTS into RTP to play it?

Please help me.
Thank you.

o=StreamingServer 12345678 1122971361000 IN IP4 <ip>
c=IN IP4
t=0 0
m=audio 0 RTP/AVP 96
a=rtpmap:96 mpeg4-generic/44100/2
a=fmtp:96 streamtype=5;profile-level-id=1;mode=AAC-hbr;sizelength=13;indexlength=3;indexdeltalength=3; config=<config>; constantDuration=1024

ADTS AAC -> RTP payload

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And, is payload format I used correct?
Thank you.

ADTS AAC -> RTP payload

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I've found an answer to my question.
Payload I used was correct, I've found an error in my code)).


ADTS AAC -> RTP payload

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        I am looking for aac RTP packetization source code or document, any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


ADTS AAC -> RTP payload

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Can you share the source code or any document which you prepared for this AAC RTP packetization. I am using mpeg4-generic mime type in my code.
I hope some useful info you share.
Thanks in advance.

ADTS AAC -> RTP payload

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i know this has been a while but does anyone have any AAC depacketization code ?

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