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Hitachi 55HDS69 Optical Output Problem

Hi eveybody, sorry if this post not belong to this area, I hope some one can help me.

I have Hitachi 55HDS69 but I have a problem using the optical output attached to my Rotel. I get only 2 channel stereo but when I try dolby digital 5.1 or DTS I can't hear a thing (nothing).

I have attached in the back of the Hitachi (HDMI 1/2) using HDMI v1.3 and v1.4 two devices:
1. A multimedia Box ''TViX 6500'' and
2. Video card inside my PC (a fresh install Win7 64) an ''ATI HD5770'', and I am unable with the 2 devices to get digital output 5.1 or DTS audio when playing my movies...

Example 1: if I play a movie from my TViX 6500 in dolby digital I get no sound but if I play a movie or a music video in PCM I have a great sound, but this sound is 2 channel stereo.

Example 2: if I play a movie in XBMC (Xbox media center) in analoge mode I get 2 channel stareo with out any problem but if I change to 5.1 again no sound.

The optical output from the Hitachi is connected to a Rotel Pre 1066 and Amp 1075, I use to have connected an old DLP Mitsubishi the same way without a problem but now with a Hitachi 55HDS69 I can't hear 5.1 or DTS.

Hitachi Configuration:
In MENU I have configured AUDIO: optical output = dolby digital and DRC = ON, but this 2 options are not available for me to acces, they are like greyed out.
In OUTPUT CONFIGURATION I have audio fixed

I can't find any other configuration related to dolby digital or optical output in the menu

Some one in another forum tolde me:
      ''Your get 2 channels in your audio setup because your TV isn't capable of outputting (or pass through) more than 2 channels.''

But this is not logical, if this TV have an Optical Output this mean it can deliver digital sound!

I will apriciate any help, thanks in advance


Hitachi 55HDS69 Optical Output Problem

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Please take a look at this owner's manual screenshot:

Hitachi 55HDS69 Optical Output Problem

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From what you've told us, it looks like you're on the right track and there's something wrong with the TV or the TV's settings.

In the "screenshot" I see:

Audio Source = Stereo
Surround = Off

Have you experimented with those settings?

Your manual clearly says "...six independent soundtrack channels..."  So, it's supposed to work!

Hi eveybody, sorry if this post not belong to this area...
It probably belongs in "Hardware".  (But,  don't double post now...  A moderator may move it.)

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