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Topic: [ToS #6]Sorting VA albums by a different pattern for incoming files  (Read 1382 times) previous topic - next topic
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[ToS #6]Sorting VA albums by a different pattern for incoming files

Hello everyone

I am currently using the default UI theme that was developed by Jeremija (topic 77208), but I'm having a hard time trying to set up the configuration. I'm new here, I hope some of you can help me out.

Here is what my Foobar (v1.0.3) looks like:


1) In the top right corner - as in the top left one - is the album art viewer. I can't get it to show the artist image. When I right-click on it, I can only choose "front cover", "back cover", "disc", or "icon".
This theme uses the Biography server component. I have my artist images imported via into E:\- ARTIST IMAGES -\%artist% (E is my external harddisk; my music is in that root folder). I have tried putting the images in the same folders where the music is (e.g. Alice Cooper.jpg in the folder Alice Cooper), to no avail.
My album art is embedded, and I have the built-in artwork reader mode set to read embedded and external artwork.

2) I see question marks where my tags are empty. Is there a way I can replace these by empty spaces? So, just nothing, instead of the ?-mark.

3) I set up Foobar to sort incoming files by this code:
[%album artist% - ]['['%date%']' ]%album%|[[%discnumber%.]%tracknumber%. ][%track artist% - ]%title%


Amy Winehouse - Frank (2003)
Amy Winehouse - Back To Black (cd 1) (2007)
Amy Winehouse - Back To Black (cd 2) (2007)

instead of

Amy Winehouse - Back To Black (cd 1) (2007)
Amy Winehouse - Back To Black (cd 2) (2007)
Amy Winehouse - Frank (2003)

which is good! But, this messes up my compilations. Albums which have their album artist tagged as "Various Artists" are sorted by year (see picture), when I want them sorted alphabetically, in descending order. Any ideas?

I hope my first post is clear enough. Thanks in advance!

Levi, Ghent, Belgium

[ToS #6]Sorting VA albums by a different pattern for incoming files

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If you want to sort one thing in a certain way and you want to sort another thing in a different way, then you need to create logical branching. We can do this using the Control Flow functions.

Like so:
%album artist% - $if(%track artist%,,['['%date%']' - ])%album% - %discnumber% - %tracknumber% - %title% - %path%

This really has nothing to do with "Theming" since you apparently got the theme file to import fine.
These are a basic questions about Sorting and using different things that anyone could ask regardless of whether they download a theme or make their own. The topic title has been changed appropriately.

[ToS #6]Sorting VA albums by a different pattern for incoming files

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Thanks for this shakey_snake, but it is still not working. I assume the problem lies in the way I have my music collection organised.

Some of my compilations are still sorted by year. Some are just fine.
Those which are sorted by year have this in common:

- no track number in tags (after asigning track number to particular track, no result)
- they are mixed one-or-two-track compilations - as I prefer to call them-, each one of which is sitting in a separate folder called "- MIX - album name (year)" whereas my regular compilations are in folders named "- VA - album name (year)" Both types of compilations have "Various Artists" in the album artist tag. But both mixes and regular compilations have a different path structure.

I will clarify. My music folder contains folders like so:

(without quotation marks)

"- MIX - Aurora Nights 08" (most of my mixes are sorted by year, but not all, some are OK)
"- VA - Dirty Dancing (1987)" (compilations of this type are OK)
"Alice Cooper"
"Bon Jovi"

(all in the root folder E)

I have tried using different taggers such as Tag&Rename, Mp3tag, and Foobar's own tagging system. Nothing.
I'm thinking it has to do with the path file structure I'm using to distinguish between albums, compilations and mixes in windows explorer.
And perhaps the topic's title should be changed to "Sorting mix albums....", since I make a difference between mixed compilations (one/two tracks, think of the A/B-side of cassette tapes) and regular (VA) compilations. However, I repeat, both types do have "Various Artists"
The theme I'm working with uses facets.

As for the problem related to the artist picture, any ideas anyone?

thanks in advance

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