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Re: Converting FLAC to ALAC using Foobar

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I have been unable to get it to work on my Win10 PC using qaac.exe; presumably I don't have the required libraries (qaac --check returns ERROR: CoreAudioToolbox.dll: The specified module could not be found.). More info here.

Download and iTunes installation package from Apple and extract required dll's with makeportable.cmd. Then put extracted dll's in qaac folder and try again.

Re: Converting FLAC to ALAC using Foobar

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ffmpeg also works (ffmpeg -i infile.flac -acodec alac outfile.m4a), but it's preferable for me to use foobar.

I just thought I'd add.... there's no reason why you can't use ffmpeg as an encoder with foobar2000. Not that there'd be any advantage for ALAC (I wouldn't think) but you can use ffmpeg to convert to any formats it supports. The following command line works for ALAC (ffmpeg as the encoder):

-i - -ignore_length true -c:a alac %d

Or you could use ffmpeg's filters and then pipe the audio to another encoder. I sometimes use ffmpeg to compress before encoding as AAC with QAAC, with the command line below saved as a foobar2000 encoder preset. You have to specify cmd.exe as the encoder. The following works for me on XP. It might need to be modified for other Windows flavours.

 /d /c c:\progra~1\foobar2000\encoders\ffmpeg.exe -i - -ignore_length true -c:a pcm_f32le -af dynaudnorm=f=150 -f wav - | c:\progra~1\foobar2000\encoders\QAAC\qaac.exe --ignorelength -s --no-optimize --no-delay -V 91 -o %d -

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