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Weird errors involving quotes

This error happened to me twice tonight:

Any ideas? Could please the Admins check it out?

Using Opera 6.05 on Win98 (although I doubt the problem is in my end)

Seems that it happens when I abuse quoting and editing.

Heck, it even borks the "Find all posts by this user" routine:

Regards, and thank-you for your attention


Weird errors involving quotes

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I also received a 404 on the first link, with both ie6 and pheonix. The second link worked fine for me.

Weird errors involving quotes

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Sorry, there was a question mark missing after index.php

Weird errors involving quotes

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The issue with quoting/corrupted layout is a known problem with ipb 1.1.1.

I've reported this (as have a few others) to the developers and the problem is fixed in 1.2 which should be out before long (it's already in use on the official ipb forums).

Weird errors involving quotes

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I think it happens with something like this:
[ quote = Name ]
[ quote = ]

Only allowed are:
[ quote ]
[ quote = Name, Posted on ... ]

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