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"I meant foo_upnp, not fb2k"

There is no such setting, presence of playable files doesn't change whether to go deeper in the directory structure or not.
Also I wasn't able to reproduce the reported behaviour (have empty directories C:\Foo and C:\Foo\Bar and a file C:\Foo\Bar\Baz\song.mp3, add C:\Foo to ML, result: song.mp3 shows in the search fine).
Full-quoting makes you scroll past the same junk over and over.

"I meant foo_upnp, not fb2k"

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Hi Yirkha!

Thanks for the answer!
I must say sorry, it looks I put this issue to wrong topic.
I just tested it again, and the Foobar Media Library is scanning the folders properly, even further down into directories.

What is having the issue is the foo_upnp.dll UPNP plugin. This plugin is not displaying the folder contents when I using the browse by folder feature with the above setup. So the Media Library is indexing it properly, but the UPNP client doesn't show the folders correctly in this setup. This topic should go into the UPNP plugin topic.

Sorry and thanks for help!

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