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Menu layout changes in v1.0

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Move (context-menu-wise) "Convert" from separate "Convert" category to "File Operations" category (converting a file is a "file operation", therefore fits there better and will decrease clutter in the context menu
Nonsense. Replaygain would also be a "file operation" by your logic. Same goes for "Open containing folder". "File Operations" contains options that move, copy, rename and delete files without parsing them. Open containing folder launches explorer. "Convert" transcodes.

What reason is there for an "Open containing folder" option if not related to files and the operations there of?
I've never had the need to use the option but one would imagine it would have something to do with the files contained in that folder.
So it's not hard to imagine why someone would want it located under "File Operations".
The user thinks to themselves, "I want to do such and such with the files in the containing folder".
So in the users mind they're thinking about files and assume that do anything in files would fall under "File Operations".
Whatever the reason for this option, it seems as if most people don't want to hide it all together but also don't want it at the root of their context menu.
Personally, I've been using foobar for many years and I never use it so it's hard for me to imagine why someone would want it in the root menu.
I guess that's why customizable menus are so great.
I'd tuck it in to some sub category while others would keep it in root or somewhere else.
And I don't think the hiding stuff you don't want to see and hold SHIFT when you want to see it is a good alternative.
Most people don't even know about the "hold SHIFT" option.
If a user doesn't see an option, they don't think to hold SHIFT, they assume it doesn't exist.
I'd like to have a greater explanation of "needless complexity" and the statement "provided little-to-no benefit" is obviously NOT TRUE, this thread proves otherwise.
If we can customize our Start Menus in Windows for the last decade but now foobar menus are locked, that's just MOVING BACKWARDS.

Menu layout changes in v1.0

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I use "Open containing folder" all the time, it's more convenient to have it in root-menu.
You can hide it if you don't use it.

It would be great to customize it to your liking, but this is better than nothing.
Not many programs let you do this.

And, as stated on the main page: "foobar2000 is an advanced freeware audio player".
Windows 10 Pro x64 // foobar2000 1.3.10

Menu layout changes in v1.0

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One could certainly make the case that the ability to alter the context menus is an 'advanced' feature. But I think, in this case, you either get a system that will lead to some users becoming annoyed because they can't find a given option any more thanks to modifications that they (or someone else) made to the context menu, or you get a system that will lead to some users becoming annoyed because they have to click through eleven layers of menus to get to something that they'd rather just put at the top level.

Personally, I think they made the wrong choice, but I can see why they made it.

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