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Getting the Shure E2Cs

Hi everyone, this is my first post here, and I need some advice already!

I've got 80 bucks to burn on earbuds (no headphones.)

I've decided to get the Shure E2Cs for $79 at because:

1. They support international shipping and credit cards.
2. They're the only site that has managed to consistently respond to my question within 24 hours.
3. Many have reported favorable results of the E2Cs after some burning in...and plus the E2Cs seem to handle bass quite well, and I listen to bass-heavy music.

My questions are as follows:

1. I've requested the version of the E2Cs with a clear cord. However, if you go to and scroll down to the bottom, you'll see that the copper wire inside the clear insulator has turned green.
I shouldn't have any problems with this because Shure has researched the chemical properties of both the insulator, and the wire, and has made sure this will not happen, correct?
Also, there shouldn't be ANY difference between the clear cord and the black cord, yes?

2. I'd like to request that Music123 throw in a small extension cord and another set of BLACK foamies (the extension cord for convenience, and the black set of foamies for aesthetics =)
Are there any quality differences between extension cords?
What should I watch out for if they agree to send me some black foamies?
Would the black foamies used with the ER6s work with the E2Cs?

3. Anyone here ever used Music123 before? I'm a bit worried I'll get screwed over as this is my first online purchase.

Thanks for reading my post!

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