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Context Menu in Win7 not working - detailed description

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I am new to this forum. I am using foobar for years and just updated to Windows 7. Foobar context menus are shown in all folders displayed in Windows explorer except in the library folders. I have searched this forum and the net for solutions but was unsuccessful. Can anybody tell me if this is an unresolved issue with foobar 9.6.9 or if there is a solution to this problem. How can I add the context menu "play in foobar2000" to the library folders in Windows Explorer (Windows 7).

Would be great if someone has a solution to this.

Thanks inadvance

I can confirm this is the case partly, if I move an album folder from the Music library folder in Windows 7, to C:\, C:\Program Files, C:\Windows, or the Documents library folder, I can right click the album and it will have 'play in foobar 2000' showing, but if I move it to Pictures or Videos library folders no 'play in foobar 2000' shows- does this give a clue to what is going on here  ?

Context Menu in Win7 not working - detailed description

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Additionally, if I right click the music library, click Properties, under 'Optimize this library for', if I change to 'General Items ' or 'Documents' the right click menus 'Play in foobar2000' and 'Enqueue in foobar2000' for folders will then appear. If optimization is set to 'Music, 'Videos' or 'Pictures', the context menus do not appear. You still cannot select individual or multiple files to Enqueue though you can play (though play also works for me anyway without changing optimization).

Context Menu in Win7 not working - detailed description

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Probably this:

Thanks it is a slightly different issue as they are talking about individual files and the 'Play All/Selection' feature rather than context menu for folders. Both VLC and MPC-HC provide right click context menus for album folders for both play and add to VLC/MPC-HC playlist(i.e. enqueue) with the folders optimized for music, so it seems like this is definitely a bug with Foobar that could be fixed.

Context Menu in Win7 not working - detailed description

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Re: Context Menu in Win7 not working - detailed description

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there is a easy method to do it :

1. go to "set program access & defaults" in control panel.

2. Choose configuration : Custom

3. In the Choose default media player tab, select "use my current media player" & unselect the options "enable access to this program" for WMC & WMP.

thats it.
Why is this context menu problem still existing? Is it problematic to fix it? Since it's a nearly ten year old problem I feel OK with bringing back an old thread...

Right now I'm mostly curious if there a way to reach the above mentioned settings for Win 7 in Win 10, since the configuration menus are completely different? I remember doing it in Win 7, but I can't find any configuration or menu for this in Win 10. I resorted to remove the LegacyDisable parts under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell, but that isn't really optimal - sometimes, I don't really know under which circumstances, the context menus for foobar shows up twice, which is mildly annoying.

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