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99,95 € MP3-CD Car Radio

Just in case someone living in middle europe needs a cheap mp3 car stereo: Here's the cheapest I've ever seen: 99,95 € at German Penny-Markt. It's a special offer starting at March 17th. If you don't like it you have 2 weeks to return it.

RED STAR RDS stereo car-radio with MP3/CD-player

- UKW-sereo with RDS-EON-system
- 4 x 25 watt peak output
- Programmable CD-player with CD-R,- CD-RW- and MP3-CD- playback
- LCD-multicolor-display with spectrum view
- Removable flap-down display
- Preamp output, ISO connection-kit

I've got an older RED STAR MP3-CD car radio that has been the cheapest available here when I bought it too (139 € half a year ago) - The handling is a somehow strange, but no mp3 compatibility problems so far (--alt preset standard works fine, audiobooks @ 64kbps too) and the sound is good enough for me when driving.
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