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[suggestion] Use of relative path

Hello there,

I've been using foobar for several years now without having to complaint and I think it's a great piece of software, however I wanted to submit a feature I'd like to see implemented to make it perfect (for the way I use it anyway  ).

The thing is I use Foobar as an ITunes alternative for my IPod. I installed Foobar on it in portable mode, and did some file configuration (library path, encoders...) that required me to provide a full path, which is problematic as there is a risk that the drive letter changes when I connect the IPod to another computer (or my computer with some changed drives).

I know there are some scripts that automatically changes the drive letter but I don't really like that solution, so if you Foobar team could put relative path support in your todo-list, I think that would be neat

Anyway, thanks for making Foobar and good luck


[suggestion] Use of relative path

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Yes, relative media library path might get added as further improvement of portable mode. Or not.
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