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Album list panel folder structure

I tried customizing my foobar UI with columns UI but I have a problem concerning the library explorer.
At first I was using Library Tree which was working correctly but I couldn't play files by hitting enter in the tree or adding them to the current playlist by hitting shift+enter, as I would do in the classic foobar UI.
Then I installed Album List Panel but my 400Go of music aren't all correctly tagged and I want to browse my music by folder structure, but I couldn't achieve to set Album List Panel to organize my files by folder structure... I tried %path% but it just give the complete path for each file and doesn't group them... Can someon help me on how to organize it how I want?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English!

Album list panel folder structure

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I'm sorry I'm so dumb, I spent like 3 hours searching and I just figured it out, 10 minutes after posting ><

For those who are as dumb as me, it's just a right click on the panel and "by folder structure"...

Thanks anyway!


Re: Album list panel folder structure

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Hahaha dude

Thank you so much
You just saved me those 2,5 hours of searching haha

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