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Kameleon by Br3tt

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I use Kameleon and have for quite a while now.  I  Kameleon and I don't want to switch so:

Will Kameleon work with the new 1.x versions?

I hope so!!!



Kameleon by Br3tt

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Would be best to ask author via his website or via deviant art.


Kameleon by Br3tt

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For me Kameleon works fine with foobar v1.1.

Kameleon by Br3tt

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hello ecery one, i just install fubar2k and Kameleon here is screen shot please help me  solve some issue
1- i only see one album on rightside of colum
2- there is question mark in front of track number

please help

Kameleon by Br3tt

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See post #702

This is the correct thread, however I do believe, based on author's comments, you will get better response directly from his site.

Kameleon by Br3tt

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I solved the Problem with the diespeared Volume Button in this way:

Code: [Select]
// foobar path, SHOULD be replaced
var g_path = fb.TitleFormat("%foobar_path").eval();
var g_btn_img1 = gdi.Image(g_path + "skins/kameleon/images/bg/volbutton31e.png");
var g_btn_img2 = gdi.Image(g_path + "skins/kameleon/images/bt/voldot.png");
var g_btn_img3 = gdi.Image(g_path + "skins/kameleon/images/bt/voldot.png");
var g_btn_img4 = gdi.Image(g_path + "skins/kameleon/images/bt/voldot.png");
var g_btn_img5 = gdi.Image(g_path + "skins/kameleon/images/bt/voldot.png");

Hope this helps others.
I still use Kameleon most of the time, besides testing some other skins.

Show the rating is broken for me. I can set the rating and it´s shown on the properties, but not shown on the panel.
Anyone an idea how to fix it?
I solved that by replacing %rating% with $meta(rating). 

Kameleon by Br3tt

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Is there any chance to make front and back covers to appear in full size scale, or @least to be anlarged..?
Ive tried many trics but in vain..

Kameleon by Br3tt

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I ha ve the problem for statistics . Don't it dawns.


Excuse me for my bad English

Kameleon by Br3tt

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I use and love this for many years now, thx for this nice peace of work.
But now I have a little problem. I just want to replace the lyrics show panel with the newer v3 one (foo_uie_lyrics3). Unfortunately I didn´t know how.
It´s a lot of time gone, since I customized "my" Kameleon with my wishes. Too much time I´m afraid. 
I forgot almost all about how it goes.
I hope this isn't to difficult and someone could help.

Kameleon by Br3tt

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I´ve got it. It was easier than I thought.

Re: Kameleon by Br3tt

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Hello... The link to instructions and faq no longer works... Can someone point me in the right direction... Thanks.

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