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Via Chipset and USB

I have recently installed and USB Modem, and then discovered that the Via Chipset and MVP3 motherboards have problems with USB devices..
In particular VIA Chipsets (my USB controller it's a Via Tech 3038) have power problems and destroy the USB devices connected to it.

So the problem is that my USB modem don't work and it's recognized only the first time (the next reboot Windows don't recognize it), my last modem died after 30 minutes (lucky it was under warranty):
who knows a patch for VIA Chipsets and MVP3 motherboards (the infamous MVP3 which give problems with Nvidia Graphics boards)?

Or I should replace my USB Modem with an Ethernet? Please help 

I have a PIII 500Mhz, 256MB Ram, Lucky Star Motherboard 100MHZ FSB, Video Card NVIDIA GeForce 2 32MB SDRAM, Sound Blaster 128 PCI, Miro Studio PC TV Pro and a Scanner EPP with a 56K Modem.
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