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MiniDVD With 192Kbit AC3 Audio - FTP Download

Made this to set an example.... Functionality is what we need, not some codec nobody will ever actually use... Tell me, what fun is music if you can't easily play it in your livingroom at any moment you like?

If you encode music in any lossy format... Right at that point you made the descision to keep it in that format, because re-encoding to another format will give loss over loss. So better use something compatible.....

Next time I'll make it 224Kbit AC3 and stuff a cd full instead of only one album...

The Cure - Greatest Hits MiniDVD Demo By Me:)

Have fun


Admin's Note:  Address edited out due to illegal content

It's a bin/cue image, burn with cdrwin or other app....
Or use a CDEmulator and soft dvd player to check it.
For playing on set-top machines or game consoles yuor best bet is burning to CDrw....

MiniDVD With 192Kbit AC3 Audio - FTP Download

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Why don't you delete that web address and provide another way of contacting you to get informations on your rips?

It's not good to use this board to promote music piracy. The admins won't like it either, I believe...

MiniDVD With 192Kbit AC3 Audio - FTP Download

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I believe most people appreciate someone's desire to share something with a community, but please realize that pirated music is against the rules of this board.  Please do not post the address again.  Thanks.

MiniDVD With 192Kbit AC3 Audio - FTP Download

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Sorry, thought it wouldn't be that much of a problem...

Hope you do understand that this post was not about sharing music at all......


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