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Frequency Analysis of hydrophone data

I'm a Software Engineering student and for my dissertation I am attempting to make an automated dolphin monitoring system to run on a robotic boat. In order to determine if my hydrophone set-up is satisfactory I have recorded a 50 minute WAV file directly from the hydrophone while on the boat. I am hoping to check that none of the noise from the robotic boat will hinder the results of the monitoring system. I thought that the best way to do that would be to look at the frequencies produced by the boat's actuators etc. I have done some googling but am unable to work out how I would do this. FFT / Spectrogram seem the most likely but having tried one software's spectrogram solution, I was unable to tell what was going on. Is there a simple solution? Am I going about this in totally the wrong way? I don't want to spend on this, it was meant to be a simple check that the hydrophone I am using would work sufficiently in the location I have placed it.

My forte is not in this area, so any help would be very gratefully received.

Thank you.


Frequency Analysis of hydrophone data

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simple solution:

if you have cool edit or audition, record sample sound from the noise of your robotic boat, then save it as a profile in noise reduction filter and apply noise reduction on some monitoring sample with the saved profile


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