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Question about burning flac/ape files

Hi, I got some lossless files which I use to burn into cds

Most of them come from reliable sources with .log and .cue files, but some of them just come ripped in multiple .flac files.

My concern was to burn the cds with correct gaps, so I went to cuesheet heaven, but those files apparently are meant to manage one single big file.

So I came around with and idea: look for an utility to join multiple flac files (which I found) and burning using one of those cuesheet heaven .cue files.

But then I realized that those .cue only come with INDEX 01 and for what I want (correct gaps) I need two values: INDEX 00 and INDEX 01 (am I right?)

So, I wanted your opinion about the validity of this method and ask you about some other alternative for those multiple .flac files with no cue.

Thanks in advance

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