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hacked Audigy2 Driver on SBLive!

how can I do this.

I hate the creative drivers and its bugs.

So I downloaded a hacked driver. But in the readme is this text:


1. Completly deinstall your old drivers and disable Plug&Play if you have WinXP (in Administrative Tools).

2. Make sure you have the latest Mediaplayer installed. (recommended)

3. Run "Start.exe" in the "\SB_INSTALL\CTRun\" folder.

4. Do not install Creative MediaSource. It seems to be buggy and you dont really need it.

4. Restart after the installation.

5. Finished."
but with deactivatin plug and play all of my devices disaproached and even my tv card didn't work.
how can I make it.

Its only for to bugfix.

Another does this hack works?
On Audigy the EMU10k2 Chip was placed.
The Live! only got the EMU10k1.
Is Eax Advanced only a software development?

How much better ar the official kX Project EMU drivers?

cya Around !

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