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Adding/Modifying technical info entries

I'm writing a small plugin to add a data field to a track.

Right now I'm doing something like this:

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file_info_impl info;

... and then using update_info_async_simple to update the info. However, any fields I set with info_set are overwritten by this operation (I can add basic metadata fields just fine).

Is it possible to add custom technical info entries (or even update existing entries)? I don't want to use a metadata field because that writes directly to the file - I just want a field accessible through a title formatting variable.

Any thoughts?

Adding/Modifying technical info entries

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What you're trying to do simply won't work / isn't possible. By calling update_info_* methods, you're already asking the backend to update file tags with the values that you pass, and technical information part gets ignored by tag writers.

Adding/Modifying technical info entries

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To provide additional fields for use in title formatting strings at runtime, implement metadb_display_field_provider instead. (But be sure to read how it's meant to be used in foobar2000/SDK/metadb.h first.)
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Adding/Modifying technical info entries

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Peter: Ok, that makes sense. I figured it was something like that.

Yirkha: I took a look at metadb_display_field_provider, and that does look like what I need.

Thanks for the replies folks, much appreciated.

Adding/Modifying technical info entries

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For those interested, here's how I did it:
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class your_display_hook : public metadb_display_field_provider
    bool process_field(t_uint32 index, metadb_handle * handle, titleformat_text_out * out);
    t_uint32 get_field_count();
    void get_field_name(t_uint32 index, pfc::string_base & out);

bool your_display_hook::process_field(t_uint32 index, metadb_handle * handle, titleformat_text_out * out)
    if(index == 0) {
        // figure out what YOURSTRING will be
    return true;

t_uint32 your_display_hook::get_field_count() {
    return 1;

void your_display_hook::get_field_name(t_uint32 index, pfc::string_base &out) {
    if(index == 0) {

static service_factory_single_t<your_display_hook> display_hook;

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