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[suggestion] OGG chapters support ?

Well, I'm (always) trying to optimize my "rip for sharing" (here in Italy it's now legal to share "degraded or low resolution" music for "scientific or educational use, and only when such use is not for profit") Vorbis settings: --resample 32000  --downmix -q0 using aoTuVb5.5, actually; inputs are EAC-ripped FLAC/CUE CD images (1 audio file per disc).

My problem is to put "anything" into the OGG container: no problem for audio, of course, and i found the solution for the cover art (AudioShell) but not for songs starting points (the CUE timing descriptions). So i thinked about OGG chapters (usually used for a/v rips) that can be used for this purpose. BTW i noticed that fb2k (an not only it) just ignore them...

Here's the questions:
1. do you think it's a good idea to use chapters ? do you know any alternative ?
2. do you plan to support them into foobar in the future ?
3. do you know any tool that converts CUE into OGG chapters ? (the contrary of Chap2Cue, essentially) ?

Thanks in advice !

Marco Ravich

[suggestion] OGG chapters support ?

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Do you have a sample of an ogg chart? How does it looks like?

[suggestion] OGG chapters support ?

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using matroska container?

or converting FLAC/CUE image to separate OGGs and then using this method?

[edit] I blindly followed last poster, and didn't noticed OP date  lol

[suggestion] OGG chapters support ?

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Ups! I didn't notice the year too. Sorry.

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