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`pops' & `snaps' culprit possibly found

A correlation with snaps & pops in audio playback has been found with the MS speech engine. Comments most welcome..!!

It now seems as though Eudora Speech engine is causing problems.. this is the scenario:

1)  Start-up the machine from cold-metal (such as beginning of day)

2)  Start Eudora to retreive email

3)  Eudora `speaks' the title and sender of emails.. pops and snaps heard

4)  Sure enough.. starting Winamp produces the same snaps and pops!! 

5)  A reboot of Win2K.. and start Winamp AGAIN - and NO audible noises

[span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%']Specifics:[/span]

Speak Filter FAQ

The Speak Filter options are grayed out under the filter
actions. Solution: Install the Microsoft Speech API and Text
to Speech Engines Install the following: (Speech Engine)
Speech API Setup.exe or SpchAPI.exe

SpchAPI.exe -- Speech API

MSTTSL.exe  -- Text-to-speech engine - size 10.6K

Microsoft Text-to-Speech Engine

Eudora can "speak" the subject and/or sender's name on
incoming messages that you specify. For details, search for
"speak" in the Eudora user manual or in Help.

In order to use this feature, you need to have a sound card
and a sound card device driver that's supported in Windows.
You also need to install Microsoft's Speech Application
Programming Interface (SAPI) and a SAPI-compliant text-to-
speech engine such as the one below.

Installing Microsoft's Text-to-Speech Engine:

Download the Speech API and the text-to-speech engine. Next,
run the installers you downloaded by double-clicking on each
self-extracting archive from My Computer or Windows Explorer
from within the directory to which it was downloaded.

Except for your agreement to the terms of the text-to-speech
engine's license, each installer runs non-interactively and
will use built-in defaults for installation.

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