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Time, what’s become of you?

October 30 is ending soon. The dial-up time signal from the Denver Naval Observatory, official NIST U.S. time standard, says it is almost 22:30 right now in the Pacific time zone. This is in accordance with
which says new legislation made the Daylight Saving Time change occur on October 28 rather than a week later as it has done for years.

However, this site
says the time is an hour later, which is in accordance with the DST change not yet having occurred. Other web sites give the same time.

Since I have time critical appointments on the 31th (tomorrow), and have to get up early to meet them, I would like to know what the blankty blank is going on. Of course, other people involved may be as confused as me, so there is no telling who will expect what when, but I would like to now what is “officially” correct so I have half a chance. Has anyone heard anything reasonable?

Looks like I read that backwards. The new legislation says the time change now comes on the first Sunday in November. Still, there is an obvious disagreement between what the dial-up service provides, which I’ve used for years with no funny business, and what is posted various places on the internet. Also, turning on the TV to see what is running vs what is listed on the published schedule does not get a match, but I can’t tell why. I'm not less confused now.

Time, what’s become of you?

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Looks like my second post, some minutes after the first, was just appended to the first. Wonder where this one will end up.

Those who are quicker on the uptake, if anyone cared to think about this at all, will realize it is a software problem. The atomic clock signal from the Naval Observatory is what ever it is and it surely doesn’t play around with this stupid Daylight Saving Time nonsense.

The program I use to dial-up knows what the time zone correction is because I told it in the set-up. It knows when Daylight Saving Time changes occurs just like the OS does, it was programed into its code. I haven’t gotten a program update to be in accord with this new stupid legislation.

The program therefore gets the time signal and makes the necessary calculations to tell the system clock on my computer the current local time -- based on that out-of-date programming. Sort of like the millennium change problem in miniature. The internet posted time, unlike the atomic clock signal, does get compensated before display, so it is in accord with the new legislation.

The time change does not occur until next Sunday. Whatever may be the problem with the TV program scheduling is anyone’s guess. Maybe it was just the one channel I looked at.

Time, what’s become of you?

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[quote author=AndyH-ha link=msg=526768 date=1193815507]Looks like my second post, some minutes after the first, was just appended to the first. Wonder where this one will end up.[/quote]Yes, later versions of IPB do this.  I have no idea how fast the subsequent post must be to be appended; I suspect a maximum of 2-5 minutes.

I have no idea about your situtation, but I hope that you can now sleep well. 

Our clocks, here in the UK, changed last Sunday.  It is now dark when I leave work. 

Still, cycling in the dark can make things a little more... interesting. 

Edit: OMG.  I think I have Dr. Oviri syndrome.   
I'm on a horse.

Time, what’s become of you?

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Well, I use an RS-232 DCF77 radio module for my computer, so I don't have to think about the software. All the hard work is done by the guys at PTB, even the leap second announcement, when it occurs
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Time, what’s become of you?

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I wish we could just stay on summer time (saving time) all year around.

Or scrap it all, move all the worlds clocks forward by one hour once, and then forget about it.

(yes, I know, children walking to school in the dark in Scotland - so start school later!)


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