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(TOS #2) Improper language


I wanted to import a theme i found but got the wrong file. Now am I have looked for something to reset it but is totaly fucking impossible without learning the scripting language. HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO DO A RESET BUTTON?!!!

Not even a standard fcs file is included. If a knew that I needed to reinstall foobar and fix my order in the playlist AGAIN. I would NEVER test this modification if i knew. And I will not use it again untill you include A FUCKING RESET BUTTON!!!!!!!!

Yes I'm angry. I have been sitting here for an hour tryingto fix the theme. And I have looked in every possible location for this reset button. Thes is a couple of reset button but noone for the whole style.

No, I don't care If I get banned from this forum. I did only register to write this messege. Is it so fucking hard to do a kind of post wishes script?

You can be glad I didn't write this in the Wiki.

GET A FUCKING RESET BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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