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5 Day Wait

Why is there a 5 day delay on sign-ups?  There is something inherently wrong with a forum system that forces you to wait 5 days if you sign up with an email address from a free service.  Apparently these free services include email (and corporate) giants such as AOL and Google Mail.  Is it really necessary to make a person pass an image verification test (to test if they're human) as well as an email verification (to test if their email is real), only to make them wait 5 days to post something ( to...annoy them?)?  What if they have something important to add to this community?  Short of that, I'm sure a fair amount of people will create an account trying to ask a simple question, and completely forget about it before the 5 days are up. 

    Oh, and I wasn't one of the few people who had to wait 5 days if your wondering.  I'm now posting only 10 minutes after signing up.  Of course, I had to create two accounts to do it, which I'm sure the moderators here love.  And I had to sign up with my "paid" for email service I like to call

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