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1st player with 'centralized' replaygain feature?

1. what happens to files that will not support any appropriate tags for storing rg info? (database is used?)
2. if that 'database' item in the right-click menu is somehow connected to rg (i guess it is) the 2 items could be moved under rg (just one item and 4 subitems).
3. player must be closed and opened so that replaygain setting will take change (is that supposed to be like that?)
3.1 there could be an indication which RG is used at the moment (like tRG or aRG or noRGyet), also that could replace the average bitrate display on the bottom bar.
4. info window is huge and it wont remember the resize (also goes for main foobar window), also maybe tech info section would better fit bellow other metadata instead on the right side.
5. multiple info windows planned?
6. what is playback/follow cursor ?
7. cant assing space key as a local pause keyboard shotcut.
8. were crosfeed plugin settings changed in the latest version? (sounds good today  )
9. btw, you are leeching 'valid html' pic, so the page doesnt load as fast as it could.
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