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Quality APE Encoder and Decoder

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And off to Head-Fi he is...

Do you think the "Excelsius" over there is "our" Excelsius XS"?
If yes, then seanyseansean was not right in post #26

(the other one destroyed his tweeters by listening too loud - but of course his speakers are cap.)

Sometimes the only thing I want to do is cry.

Quality APE Encoder and Decoder

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What's your problem people? You'll turn anything I say into personal matters.

No, you are. We are merely trying to enlighten you but you insist in not listening. 
You should know that when you repeatedly post unverified information you are breaking the forum rules and most likely that will be disputed by other members.

Quality APE Encoder and Decoder

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Thanks for the warm welcome, but no thanks. Good bye.


To be honest, I'm surprised this thread lasted so long.

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