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Save window position trouble?

I'm tossing this out in case anyone else has run into this:

Set "Remember window position" in prefs.
Minimize fb2k.
Close fb2k (via right-click menu in tray).
Open fb2k.  It should be minimized to tray already.  This is good.
Now open up it's window.

I get the following:

Does anyone else?

Edit: If the fb2k window is on screen when the program is closed, the window position is saved fine.

Save window position trouble?

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I have exactly the same problem. For the moment I disabled 'Remember window position', as it is a little annoying. Should not be hard to correct...
PS: I think a little feature is missing: autoplay on startup. Would be really cool 
But it is already my new player of choice 

Save window position trouble?

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I was able to reproduce this with 0.29d and Windows XP.

However, thanks to Peter for adding this feature, saving the window position was the only thing I was actually missing, now it's able to replace my Winamp forever

Save window position trouble?

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noticed it too, fixed in current internal.

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