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Re: foo_chronflow

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It's a great component and I'm really thrilled to see that it is still supported.
Thx :)

I have developed a set of custom buttons based on the JScript Panel. After installing the foo_chronflow they stop resizing correctly, as if the callback chain for the OnResize event was broken.

Happy to assist with additional info (preferably offline) if there is a chance to have this investigated.

I'll gladly look into that. Just send me your JScript Panel config via DM and I'll have a look. When you mean "after installing foo_chronflow" do you mean directly after installation, or after you actually placed the panel in your layout?


Re: foo_chronflow

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Straight after installation everything works fine. The resizing is affected only when the foo_chronflow is placed in the layout. Not all the panels are affected - in my case it is only the bottom part of the screen.

I have attached a couple of screen shots to illustrate what's going on. They have been done in the layout editing mode to better show how panel sizing is affected.

The first one has been captured after switching to full screen and back. Panel sizes are fine, but you can see that the waveform minibar just above the row of buttons is not scaled properly.
The second one is the full screen view. The first row has resized correctly, but the row containing buttons has not.
The third screen shot shows what the full screen looks like after foo_chronflow is removed - and that's what was intended.

I'll send the script in a PM.

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