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Apple Lossless to MP3 (LAME)?

Sorry to through out what is most likely a noob question, but my searches left me with nothing. 

I recently purchased an iPod 30g for use in my car with a Dice Electronics iPod integration unit for my new Audi A4.  I really only use the iPod in the garage on my boombox or in the car.

Since purchasing the iPod I now use iTunes to manage my MP3's.  I really like iTunes as it does what I need it to do.  I have my entire music collection ripped using EAC/LAME with different versions over the past 4 years.  My MP3's are encoded at 256k VBR.

I recently purchased a Roku M2000 SoundBridge as an upgrade from my Audiotron.  Since the Roku can handle lossless formats, I've recently decided to switch to Apple lossless (ALAC) and re-rip my entire collection.  I'm happy with the ALAC, but since I want a compressed format for the iPod and my Auditron will really only play .wav, MP3, or WMA, I want to have ALAC for my home and LAME MP3 for the rest. 

My question is this:  how can I best transcode from ALAC to LAME MP3?  I would prefer to have the best quality possible from the MP3's.  I'm thinking of staying in the 256K VBR.


Apple Lossless to MP3 (LAME)?

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Thanks for the links.  I'll give it try.


Apple Lossless to MP3 (LAME)?

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foobar2000 contains a useful preset in the converter plugin for mp3s if you don't feel like using command line.

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