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Check Files

Is there a component that will create or verify checksum files like flac fingerprint .ffp or .md5?

Re: Check Files

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No, but there's File Integrity Verifier that can check the integrity of the audio data. For example with FLACs it can verify the audio data matches the md5 checksum stored in the header.

External checksums are in my opinion pointless in an audio player / tag editor. Any tag edit would break such checksum. Only use those when verifying backup or file transfer over unreliable pipes.

Re: Check Files

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I saw the File Integrity Verifier but I'm looking for a flac fingerprint. I guess I'll have to stick with Traders Little Helper. And flac fingerprints .ffp are perfect for tagging, cause you can add or modify tags and it doesn't impact the check file.


Re: Check Files

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Unfortunately, I don't think there's quite like anything like TLH. Even though it hasn't been updated recently, it still seems to work fine on all of my PCs.

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