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Lame Vs. Toshiba MEA-220 mp3 player

Heh... just another reason why i hate those tiny solid state mp3 players . I work at CompUSA as a computer tech and the Toshiba Rep was walking through our building on Sunday looking for mp3s to try on his tiny mp3 player. Eventually he found me since i carry my entire music collection of about 400+ albums in my case logic cd book on about 50 cds all the time. He asked me to cram as many mp3s onto his little device as i could. Obligingly i hooked this thing up to one of our shop computers and started pushing some Orbital tracks to the mp3 player. I was disgusted to find it would only hold 3 tracks. I use --alt-preset standard on everything and that was only to compromise on space usage. When I gave the guy back his player i let him listen to the tracks as well as my two cents about the player's capacity. He was extremely impressed by the quality but he probably didnt hear anything i said about the capacity.

I just dont understand the benefit to these devices for people who have any hearing capability at all. Who wants to listen to all their mp3s@ 64kbps? I have always been an advocate of mp3 cd or even hard drive based (pending affordability) players. Anyways, the guy eventually came back and asked for a copy of some copyrighted music. This guy wouldnt last a day if he worked for Sony 

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