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CUE sheet file editor that an also submit to freedb?

(didn't know whether to post this question here or "General Audio")

Is there a CUE sheet editor that can make submissions to freedb?  Searching google, I found a dozen CUE file editors but none of them seem to have the ability to submit to freedb database.

As an alternative, I devised a clumsy workaround by using EAC as a “cue sheet” editor.  This involves using EAC twice in combination with Daemon Tools:  First use EAC to rip and then use EAC again to edit the CUE file and submit to freedb:

Step 1:  Use EAC to rip CD Alt+F7 (copy image + cue)
Step 2:  use daemon tools to virtual mount the resultant CUE+WAV
Step 3:  Point EAC to the deamon tools virtual CD
Step 4:  edit the track listings, submit to freedb, press ALT+S (save cuesheet to temp file)
Step 5:  unmount the CUE+WAV
Step 6:  overwrite the old cue sheet with the new temp cue sheet created in Step 4

Savvy users will wonder why I can’t combine steps 1 & 4 to just “edit” the track listings and submit to freedb BEFORE ripping the CD?!?!    Because I have hundreds of classical CDs to rip and stopping the process by editing the track listings is too time consuming.  It becomes a bottleneck in the workflow.  Many obscure classical CDs are not in freedb so I’d like to go ahead and quickly rip the CDs with the generic “track 1, track2” metadata and then go back later to type in descriptive track titles.  By breaking up the process into 2 workstreams, one person can keep feeding CDs to rip without worrying about DISCIDs not found in freedb while another person can followup by editing the CUE files.  And in between the time I’ve ripped the CD and the time the CUE sheet gets nicely edited, I can at least enjoy listening to the music.

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