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Converting DTS > DTS Wav

Someone I know has a DTScd ripped to a binary file. He needs it to be converted to a wav file. Now, i'm pretty sure that opening it in a sound editor as a raw file, inputting the correct stuff, 44.1kHz, 16bit etc. and saving it as wav is all that's needed. However, I was reading up about wave files the other day and I noticed that the wav header includes an audio format tag, PCM having a value of "1".

So my question is, does DTS have a different value and if so, what value and how can it be set (short of opening the file in a hex editor and doing it manually)?

Thanks in advance!

Converting DTS > DTS Wav

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you can find binaries for dtsdec at RareWares, here:

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I think you misunderstood. I don't want to convert it to PCM, I want to just make it into a wave file, ie. add a wave header to it.

Converting DTS > DTS Wav

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hmm... well, then i don't know what the "dts format code in a wav header" is or if it exists, sorry.


Converting DTS > DTS Wav

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I found the answer on the ffdshow wiki. The WAV header states that the audio is 44.1kHz 16bit Uncompressed (PCM) Stereo, but in fact it contains DTS (which may have more than 2 channels). ffdshow, VLCPlayer etc. scan the actual audio data to see if there is DTS there instead of relying on the WAV header. Thanks for the help, hopefully this info can be of use to someone.

Here's the page on the ffdshow wiki:

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