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DTS to Dolby Digital

First, I'm sorry, I'm pretty sure this is the wrong forum but I didn't know where to post this.

Is it possible to convert DTS files (DTS multi-channel encoded WAV files) to a format that can be burned to a CD/DVD, and then played back on a DVD player that has a Dolby Digital multi-channel decoder (but not DTS)?

Also, is there any basic information that I don't understand about this that has possibly lead me to ask this question?


DTS to Dolby Digital

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I guess it is possible but only via transcoding (you'll lose quality - both formats are lossy). I don't know the tools though (I know that fb2k can decode DTS...), perhaps others will tell you.

DTS to Dolby Digital

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Use WAV2DTS to change DTS-WAV into DTS, then load it into GraphEdit and render it with either AC3, or cyberlink`s decoder to get a decoded wav. (But if the wav is 6-ch beyond  2 hs, the WAV size restrictions will terminate the decoding. If so, u`ll need to create a slitghly more complex graph).
Load the DTS: DTSAC3source ---> AC3filter (5.1ch, 16bits, Master Gain = 4, No Normalize nor AutoNormalize, every speaker must show 0 (zero) as reference multiplier) --> WavDest --> File Writer (as i.e. whatever-DTS-decoded.wav).
Then, resample to 48000 kHz and reencode with BeSweet or other DD encoders as 5.1ch 448 kbps.
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