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Fair use:: A discussion poll

When it comes to video & audio compilations (aka "CD-albums" or "DVD-videos") that I bougt and own, I don't care if I have to break the encryption of the disc, either DVD or Audiio - just to copy it to my HD for convenience. I guess this a normal behaviour of the people on the board.

Now comes the intrigue question:

How many of you keep original audio/footage on your HD?

An interesting link to a site that promotes "fair use" is that has kept us updated the last ten years.

For myself, I try to keep the whole archive (audio) on-line 


von Runkel

Fair use:: A discussion poll

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Who of you respect the 'fair use' policy?

Could you be more specific.  Which policy and who made it?  If there are any knowledgeable lawyers reading this, please jump in.  As far as I know 'fair use' is what any given judge at any given time says it is.  I find that vague enough to mean there is NO fair use.


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