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[0.9b9] Explorer context menu question

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Hi, thanks ZhuGeLiang (and everyone else). I've just got one problem: the new context menu entry 'Play in foobar2000' is now the standard option (the one in bold at the top of the list), and I can't open folders by double clicking them any more! Any folder I double click tries to be played in foobar now. How can I keep the new comands, but set have the 'Open' option back to being standard action when I double click a folder? Appreciate any help...
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In Windows Explorer try Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types.  Select 'Folder' (not 'File Folder') and Advanced then make sure Explore or Open are the default actions.
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[0.9b9] Explorer context menu question

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Thanks for the fix. Just voicing my opinion that I, too, use this frequently, and ask that it least be optional in future versions.

Good example for where it's useful: Selecting multiple directories at once (but not every one). You could drag them to fb2k, but that locks up Explorer while they get added.

[0.9b9] Explorer context menu question

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BTW, someone knowing if system/user variables work in registry? Then we could offer a universal registry fix with like "%programfiles%\foobar2000\" ...

EDIT: Ah I see all relevant has been said in this thread.

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