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Microsoft Hacks

Microsoft can hack XP legaly

It appears that Microsoft has slipped a new clause into the Product Use Rights (PUR) document for Windows XP while their customers weren't looking. I wonder how corporate system administrators will feel about having a 'co-admin' with full authorization to modify their systems at will. Worse, some organizations have legislative privacy requirements that could be violated if their systems were to become subject to this PUR. This is yet another good reason to avoid Windows XP.

"The reader was stunned. "By changing that term in the PUR, Microsoft has found a creative way to obtain authorization from users to access their workstations at will," he said. "How many customers are going to review this PDF file and realize they've given Microsoft this right? And all the risk for the security and privacy violations due to this are neatly put on the customer's shoulders, not Microsoft's.""

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Microsoft Hacks

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It's also included in the license agreement for Win2000 Service Pack 3. As time goes by, their ultimate goals become more and more apparent. Combine this kind of license with Palladium-enabled hardware and what do you know....Orwellian world is here!

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Microsoft Hacks

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If the palladium stuff becomes reality, I for one will not upgrade to the newer OS that incorporates it.  Maybe it became time that I began to learn linux , I just hope that gamedevelopers follow developers like Epic and ID, UT2K3 has linux support right out of the box while quake3 can be played as well, doom3 will also have linux support I guess.
Games have always been important because this is the way most of us learned to "play" with computers, it was for me and now I'm a system- and networkengineer so...

Edit : I might even check out macos X as this is based on *bsd + mach kernel + aqua gui and is now supposed to work on the x86 platform.

Microsoft Hacks

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Microsoft can hack XP legaly

But in some countries the variation in the EULA applied to the Service Pack may prove to be illegal.

Especially as by Redmond's own admission...

"Windows XP Service Pack 1 is a well-tested release that corrects hundreds
of bugs, including security-related ones. We encourage customers to install
it at the earliest opportunity to ensure that their systems are fully
secure." is essential to correct faults and particularly security holes in the original software. 


Microsoft Hacks

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The noose tightens. But around whos neck? Lets hope users wake up and snap Microsoft's neck before it is to late.

Microsoft Hacks

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I am dreading such a world! Earth becomes an Orwellian World *shudder*, I am scared...
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