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I just had a pretty tiring day at school on friday, and now it's saturday, I'm finally off school for a glorious two whole days - and I think I've caught the motherf***ing FLU.


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sorry to hear that..

get hold of a bottle of ascorbin acid.. take a big spoon.. together
with a glass of cognac.. presto...
helps for about everything.. even raises the consumtion level..!


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Snoopy : "This is entertaining !"


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I drown flu with Brandy by the bottle, but if you are of school age,maybe lucozade. 


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Ah, I'm 19, drinking age here (province of Quebec, Canada) is 18.

Thanks for the suggestion of puttin' something down the hatch. Ima see what we got locked up upstairs right now...


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Heh just make sure you don't mix alcohol with proper medicine! The results are not good...

I just take heavy duty flu symptom reliever tablets, that always helps in relieving the symptoms. Use nasal spray so your nose will be unblocked, nothing worse than a blocked  . Other than that have plenty of rest! (I had the flu 3 weeks ago, couldn't do jack for two days).

Get Well!!
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