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Long term lossless music archive

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But we are discussing backing up CDs, so that we have a perfect representation of the disc, at a time when the physical CD has long since corrupted.

The OP asked whether to backup the 200 GB hdd to another harddisk or to dvd's. Not especially backing up cd's or dvd's to drive or disc.
I suggest backing up to (external) hdd. Can be done overnight, checked overnight. All said.

#34 > I'm fed up with manual work for back up... So next thing for me is switching my two drives to a RAID 1 controller. (Hope, there would be no data loss while switching the disks to that RAID controller)..

No one responded or at least I didn't read it, but IIRC setting up a raid array will remove data present. Can anyone confirm this.?

Long term lossless music archive

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I have a server with a RAID 5 array.  All my media is on that.  I have an external 750Gb HDD in a USB case that I use for backup.  The backup does not stay on or 'spinning' so that adds another layer of protection.

DVD's are too small to realistically use, only because it takes a lot of time to go through them every now and then to make sure they are still intact.  The best option will be a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray burner once they become affordable.  Until then, use hard drives.

If money is no object, get a LTO tape drive and have a bazillion copies offsite.   


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