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foobar_remote and VB (not .NET)...

i want to use foo_remote plugin with VB to control foobar2000. I was able to do all the functions using SendMessage, but i can't figure out how to get the current playing track's info (title, artist, album) which is string data. Also, i want to know how can i retrieve track names in the playlist.

I have very little knowledge of VC++ but i'm quite well-versed with VB 6. There is limited information on internet about using foo_remote with VB so i'm kind of stumped on this one.

Please can anyone quide me on the right path?

Thanks in advance,

foobar_remote and VB (not .NET)...

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foobar_remote and VB (not .NET)...

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ok, i finally sorted it out myself....was tricky for sure!

first i had to subscribe a window to receive callback messages from foo_remote. Then, i capture COPYDATA messages sent to that window. Whenever i need to get a song in the playlist, i use SendMessage with song index in lParam, then i get song name via COPYDATA callback...

foobar_remote and VB (not .NET)...

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Where have you downloaded the lastest version of foo_remote?? Is it work with 0.8.3, because I can't see any foo_remote menu in options... Where can I find the documentation of this plug in? And wich message code do you now?

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