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Sound Quality Diminishing Drastically Overnight

Something strange happened yesterday.

I was going to watch a movie with a friend, but when I started playing it there was no sound. I checked the connections, the mixer, the PC volume settings... Everything seemed fine. Still no sound. Tried turning up the volume, and I could hear something - had to have it set much louder than usual though. Eventually ended up just watching the movie at a louder volume and decided to investigate closer another time - it was getting late. Then during the movie I noticed some distortion, but thought it was probably from the mixer because of the high gain setting I was using.

This morning I checked the connections again, mixer settings, stereo, computer - everything seemed fine. Still distorted and softer than usual.

Turns out our rabbit chewed through the cable behind the couch...  I guess the moral of the story is: Guard your cables closely!

- qristus, off to buy another 6m of RCA cable (at least it wasn't audiophile grade )

Sound Quality Diminishing Drastically Overnight

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   Nice to know that the rabbit also likes your hifi-stuff

Sound Quality Diminishing Drastically Overnight

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I remember trouble shooting a network connection for ages once, only to find a chewed through cable..... GRAK!

Sound Quality Diminishing Drastically Overnight

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Since we on the topic of rabbits and chewed through cables.

Do those pest control system that plug into you house electrical system work?
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