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Encoding WavPack to Musepack


I pasted wavunpack.exe to the MPC Batch Encoder folder and to my surprise it worked , thing is that the console is showing weird numbers though. . . WVUNPACK. . unpacking *.wv to stdout, 0 or 1% done. . .  and all sorts of wrong or blank #s at the MPC encoding stats"

There seems to be nothing wrong with the produced files and are identical to once encoded from .WAVs

So, is it some kind of a weird coincidence that its working or is it actually supposed to work, but there's something wrong on my part for the console oddness?


Encoding WavPack to Musepack

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It should work. I've used multi frontend before to do this.
wavpack 4.8 -b256hx6c

Encoding WavPack to Musepack

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Yes, i know the multi frontend does that.  I am talking bout the MPC batch encoder frontend and as far as i know its not mentioned anywhere that its supposed to work with wavpack. . . my guess is there wouldnt be a multi frontend afterall if it did

Encoding WavPack to Musepack

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it probably isn't supposed to work, but with the right parameters it will (it is just a frontend, afterall)

it may be just piping, so it doesn't have a good idea of progress.  i'd say be happy that it works...

your other options are piping with CLI


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