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Re: Library Tree Discussion

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I'm not keen on debugging old versions of library tree because most releases have various bug fixes, possibly not always evident from the change log. I can't remember if there were any changes that might have affected this. It's also best to use the latest version of spider monkey panel.

In this particular case, it looks as though the library was updating since on_library_items_changed was called. Appearance of the abort message, I think, only has a short delay. From the stack trace, library tree was in the middle of updating the tree.

In general tree updates in response to library changes should be very rapid and occur in the background: only affected items in the tree are altered.

Aborting scripts part way through may give unpredictable results and a script error. What happens if you just let library tree continue and finish? If that's OK, perhaps choose don't ask me again & don't worry about it.

As a test I just tried changing 24,000 tags. All proceeded fine on my device in that scenario. There was no message.

Library Tree also has an option to switch off automatic syncing with the media library: panel properties: "ADV.Library Sync: Auto-0, Initialisation Only-1". If auto-syncing is off the library used by library tree will only be updated on initialisation, view change or through manual refresh on the menu.

I have seen the abort message on a number of occasions when it isn't really the script that's at fault, e.g. if windows is busy (e.g. updating) and necessary files can't be read from the hard drive in a timely way. Then scripts can stall at points difficult to predict and the message can appear.

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Without changing the font size, add line-height setting function?

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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See: menu … options > mode > line spacing

Enables line height to be padded as required. I think adding padding is more flexible than setting a fixed line height.


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