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Ripping Audio: DVD -> mp3;


I have tried many two programs to rip DVD -> mp3, mainly IMTOO dvd audio ripper & #1 DVD audio ripper.  I don't trust either of them to make a quality 256 vbr encoding, and was hoping there's a better program out there that incorporates LAME. 

If you have any suggestions for an easy to use, GUI program to rip DVD -> mp3 I'd appreciate your input.  Of course, the program needs to be better than the two I mentioned above.



Ripping Audio: DVD -> mp3;

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Rip the AC3 using DVDDecrypter and convert it to LAME using foobar2000's foo_clienc.
Another option would be to use besweet.
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Ripping Audio: DVD -> mp3;

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Easiest option would be to install gordian knot then use the included robot for rip with your 256 VBR command line setting.
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